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Tomb45 Powerclip Wireless Charging Adaptor

PowerClip wireless charging adaptors are designed for an ergonomic fit and do not need to be removed while the machine is in use. Placing the PowerClip over the wireless charging ports charges the tool and provides the professional barber or stylist with a true, hassle-free wireless experience. It measures:1.13”x1.13”x1.75” and only weighs .05 ounces so it will not add weight to your tool. Discounts are not valid for this item.

As if wireless charging was not convenient enough, attaching this adaptor to your clipper or trimmer makes it even more efficient to charge it and go! With Qi technology, you can simply charge your tool on any Qi wireless charging pad or the PowerMat (sold separately). Charging times may vary so check the individual tool specs for how long it will take to fully recharge. There is no need to remove the adaptor, it snuggly fits onto the end of your clipper or trimmer. To charge, simply place the longer side down on the charging pad with the tool attached. After a full charge you can leave the adaptor on the tool, it will not get in the way of hand or grip. If you want to remove, gently pull the adaptor off and save for the next charge. This adaptor makes an excellent gift for the professional barber and hairstylist who truly wants to be different from the rest.

Features and benefits of the PowerClip adaptor:
  • FITS GAMMA+ and STYLECRAFT Models: X-Ergo, Ergo, X-Evo, Evo, Rogue, Protégé trimmer, Absolute Hitter
  • Qi WIRELESS charging technology (pad or mat not included)
  • EASY TO INSTALL on your clipper or trimmer tool
  • SOFT AND DURABLE silicone and plastic material
INCLUDES: 1 Adaptor
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