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Professional Silicone Collapsible 2" Inch Hair Dryer Diffuser Attachment Black

Attach to any dryer for a softer airflow when styling.

Smart-folding Design
High-grade Silicone
Heat Resistant Cool-Touch
Detachable Filter
Heat-activated Infusion Compartment
Universal Tight-fit Design Fits Most Dryers


The perfect diffuser for compact storage and on the go that fits all STYLECRAFT HAIR DRYERS.

StyleCraft offers a collapsible professional diffuser for softer airflow with an infusion compartment to make your diffuser into an infuser.

This diffuser has a smart-folding design engineered with high-grade, durable silicone. It is completely collapsible for easy storage and fits conveniently in luggage and on many full-sized hotel dryers.

It has a universal tight-fit grip design that fits most standard dryers with effortless attachment and disassembly.

It is ideal for all hair types, drying hair faster, creating bouncier, fuller and voluminous curls. Promote volume and height for any type of hair including natural, fine, wavy, thick, curly and extremely curly.

What makes this diffuser truly unique is the infuser compartment. Make your diffuser an infuser with the strategically placed infusion compartment. Simply open the compartment and apply your favorite beauty product to the super absorbent sponge. Enjoy all the benefits as the blow dryer infuses the product into the hair!


Key Features:

  • Smart-folding Design - great for travel
  • Tight Grip
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Infusion Compartment
  • High-Grade Silicone heat resistant up to 450°F
  • Detachable filter

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