Magic Grip Stickers Hair Pad Holders Stylists/Barber Assistant Tool (Pk of 2)

Holds Hair in Place. Comes in pack of 2.

 No Need for Clipping Anymore while Cutting Hair, Weaving, Braiding, Coloring, Up-styles, Applying Makeup, Washing Face, etc.
 Hair Grips are Perfectly Sized for All Hair Types
 Use on Dry Hair
100% Reusable
• Easy & Quick with No Tools or Special Skills Needed


Is hair getting in the way while you're styling?

Certain kinds of hairstyles call for a long top with clean, faded sides like pompadours and undercuts. Although not the hardest cuts to do, they can be quite troublesome when the long top hair starts falling to the sides while you're shaving that area.

When this happens, the hair gets in the way making it more difficult for you to work. And what's worse is that those conventional clips aren't doing much to alleviate the problem. If you're looking to try something else, then we've got a solution that you'll surely find helpful.

These Grip Magic Stickers from Stylecraft effectively hold those hair strands up and keep them in place!

These hair stickers provide an excellent solution to stray hair strands that get in the way while you're cutting or styling. They're specially designed to provide a strong and non-slip hold, effectively keeping the top hair away from the face or the sides of the head.

With these in hand, you no longer need to use hair clips, bobby pins, or other devices that are not only troublesome to work with but can also damage or hurt your hair or scalp. It's a more convenient alternative and one that doesn’t hurt at all.

These premium quality hair grips aren't just designed for professional barbers or hairstylists; they're great for home use, too! They're easy and straightforward to attach to your hair so you can wash your face or do your makeup without your hair or fringe getting in the way.

Here are more details about our magic hair stickers:

 Dimensions: 4"(L) x 2.4"(W) x 0.01"(T)

 Washable and reusable

 Safe for kids and adults

 Set of 10 stickers per pack

 Great gifts for barbers and hairstylists

Opt for an easier and more effective way of keeping messy hair strands away.


Dividing hair into sections is essential when it comes to cutting, styling, or applying color to hair. Doing so helps you work through hair quickly and easily. It keeps unwanted hair strands from blocking the area you're working on, while at the same time helping ensure that any product being applied is distributed thoroughly and evenly. However, this is something that's often easier said than done, since most devices used today are either too cumbersome to work with or simply ineffective. So, if you're looking for a better approach, then we've got just the thing for you.

These Grips Magic Stickers from Stylecraft effectively keep hair in place for effortless cutting and styling!


Due to the durable materials and construction, you can enjoy using these hair stickers again and again without worrying about damaging them. And if they do break, you'd be happy to know that they can be reprocessed and won't add to the growing amount of plastic in our landfills. These hair stickers are pretty easy to clean, too. Just wash them in running water to remove dirt and grease, then lay them flat and let them dry.


A common issue with most clips made from plastic is that their teeth tend to break off at some point. Hair bobbins, on the other hand, snap or come undone after several uses. Our hair stickers are made from durable nylon materials so you won't have to experience any of the above issues. They're flexible so they can handle bending well and won't break. Their durability gives them an exceptionally long service life, making them a worthwhile investment.


Our hair stickers are made from lightweight materials and weigh less than an ounce each. As such, they won't pull or tug at your hair once they're attached, which is unlike those big and bulky clips. Also, the nylon resin materials are flexible and won't damage or scratch your hair or scalp. You also don't have to worry about them pulling off any hair strands when you remove them.

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